Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Regularly Writing Reaps Rewards

stossel in the classroom winner

One or more of the student essays you submitted to our "War on the Little Guy" Essay Contest has been chosen as a WINNER!"

When I received this email notification,  I was very excited to see how my son had placed in this contest. I clicked over to the winners page of the website as I hollered the news to Jesse in the next room!

View list of Finalist Winners.
Scan list.  His name isn't there.

View list of Semi-Finalist Winners. (what he won last year)
Scan list.  His name isn't there.  OK.  Maybe he only received Honorable Mention this time.

View list of Honorable Mention Winners.
Scan list.  His name isn't there.

Was the notification a mistake?   I decide I will look more closely later when I have time.  My son continues to browse the winner's lists.

Soon, he calls from the other room, "Mom, I figured out why I wasn't on those lists!  I won 4th place and those winners (1st - 5th) are listed on the side bar!"

What???  How exciting!  I have to see this for myself.  Yep, there it is, right there in the side bar with his name and everything.

You can read the winning essays of the top five winners, including Jesse's essay, "A Gradual and Silent Encroachment". 

It's nice to know that all the years of plodding through the tedium of learning to write correctly is paying off and he continues to improve his writing skills.

I try not to brag too much on my students, but sometimes, you just gotta give an 'attaboy'! 

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