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Can Homeschoolers Get into College?

homeschool college decisions

Can home educated students get into college?

Yes, absolutely!

If you read my blog, you will know that my sixth homeschooled student is graduating this year and headed to college, like his siblings before him.

The homeschooling movement is growing, so you probably personally know a homeschooled student who has gone to college, too.

In February, I up-dated you on my son's application process.   Most decision letters were sent by the middle of March and Financial Aid packages are trickling in.

People, by nature, are curious, so I'm sure everyone is waiting for this up-date on Jesse's decision letters and financial awards!

1.  In state private school (first choice)
          Received scholarships from the University, the school  of engineering, and the music department totalling $39,000/year.  Other awards and grants total $8,000/yr

2.  Public in-state branch of a large University (2nd choice)
          Received scholarships from the school totaling $8000/yr.  We have not received the complete financial aid package from this school.

3.  Large in state University (3rd) choice
          Received $2000/year from the music department.  We have not received the complete financial aid package from this school.

4.  In state private school (not considering)
            The music department accepted him after his audition.   Four weeks ago the university sent him a 'we had so many qualified applicants, but we didn't accept you' letter.  No problem, we had already crossed this school off the list (see the reason here)  BUT, last week he received a fancy acceptance letter with a $38,000 (total) scholarship offer.   As my 16 year old said, "If they can't get their act together why would you want to go there?"

5.  Out-of-state private university (so very far away)
             He did not get accepted to this school.  He may have applied on a whim, but I am totally okay with this school not being an option.  

He has not made his final decision, but is leaning toward his first choice school.  Finances do play a big role in the decision.  Knowing that the Expected Family Contribution (based on FAFSA) will be the same at every school, it is likely that his first and second choice schools will require the same amount of money out of pocket.

Even though his first choice school costs more, it is also more generous with scholarships and grants.  

All the scholarships do require that he maintain a certain GPA to retain the scholarship, but he should be able to do that.

Can homeschoolers get into college?
Without a doubt, many homeschool high school seniors are in the same decision making process as my son - deciding which school to attend and which scholarships they will accept.

The question shouldn't be "can they get in?"  The question should be- 

What college will homeschoolers choose? 

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