Friday, April 10, 2015

From Homeschool to College, An Expert Opinion

 I recently had the opportunity to be a podcast guest with Lauren Gaggioli at Higher Scores Test Prep.
homeschooling expert
 Lauren introduced the podcast by saying this:
 Karen shares her tips on how to prepare homeschooled children for the college admission process. While Karen’s tips are great advice for the homeschooling families in our audience, she shares great tips that – frankly – all families (even traditionally schooled ones) will benefit from. 
A mother of 7, Karen has been homeschooling her children for the last 23 years. While she still has a high school senior and junior at home, her 5 oldest children are homeschooled high school graduates – 2 of which were National Merit Finalists and 3 of which were National Merit Commended. Karen has valuable knowledge and insight into what the college admissions process looks like for a homeschooled student today.
Lauren has been promoting the podcast and I found it interesting that she billed me as a 'homeschooling expert'.  I laughed at that at first because I don't really feel like an expert, but when looking at the definition of the word- 
noun: expert; plural noun: experts

a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

  I realized that, yes, I guess I am a bit of an expert in this area.

 Graduating my sixth student this year, I have been involved in the homeschool college admissions process for over 10 years.

 I know what the process was 11, 9, 7, 4, and 3 years ago, but more importantly, I know what the process looks like TODAY. 

 The college and scholarship application process has changed over the years.

 Advice from someone who graduated a student even 3 years ago will not be the most up-to-date information for someone graduating a student today.

 Go listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.  Did you learn any helpful tips?

At Higher Scores Test Prep Site (full blog post):

On iTunes (iPhone/iPad):

On Stitcher Radio (Android)

While you are visiting Lauren's site, check out some of her test prep tips and see how she might be able to help your student.

Unlike other test prep places, Lauren actually takes the SAT and ACT regularly to be up-to-date with the tests and know first hand how to help students.

If you found the podcast to be helpful, please share.


Angel said...

Great interview, Karen! And yes, you are an expert. Someone asked me the other day for homeschooling advice and I referred her to your site. So own it!

One question, though: Toward the end of the podcast you recommended a website that no homeschool family should live without. Can you tell me the name of that site? Thank you!

karentrina said...

Thanks so much, Angel! I recommended Homeschool Legal Defense Association- I find they have a lot of info and answers to questions for homeschoolers (not just legal advice).

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