Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Landry Academy Review and a Giveaway

Chemistry is not my favorite subject.

I did not have a good introduction to it in high school and avoided it as much as possible in college.

How is it then, that I have gotten to my seventh (and final round) of high school Chemistry in my homeschool without actually teaching it?

Yes, all seven of my children completed Chemistry with a lab either with a really good text book, at a co-op class, or for dual credit at the junior college.

All of them, except the last one.  The one that is taking Chemistry this year.  For her, we tried something none of my other children ever did.

This year she is taking a live online class with Landry Academy .

I received discount coupons when I attended the Landry Academy Mom's Retreat, so we decided to try an online class.  She had attended an Art Intensive last spring and enjoyed it, so the online class seemed like the next step.

What I like about the online class:
- I don't have to teach it.
-If she has to miss the live class, she can watch the recording later.
-The teacher has 'office hours' if she needs help with homework.
-The class is taught from a Christian perspective with Christian teachers.
-I can access her grades and email the teacher with questions or concerns.

Even though I like the online class and the price was good because I bought a 'generic' class with a coupon, my daughter doesn't care for it, even though she is doing very well.

BUT, the reason is she has discovered that she prefers a classroom setting.  She is also taking classes at the junior college this year and really likes the live interaction.

Landry Academy offers over 200 live online classes for grades 4th-12th.  Some are one semester, some are two semesters.

The online classes are a great opportunity for students to be accountable to a different teacher and to take classes the parent might not feel prepared to teach.

My daughter just finished a Landry Academy 2 day Chemistry Lab Intensive.  This was not required as part of her Chemistry class because the class includes labs, but I wanted her to take it to get more lab experience.

The 2 day Intensives equal one school year of lab work that includes a lab report manual.

Overall, I would recommend the Landry Academy courses (and other offerings).


I received a $100 discount code at the Lab Intensive that I am going to give away.  The discount is good on anything Landry Academy offers.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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mebe1975 said...

Thank you for having this contest! My daughter is wanting to take the Veterinarian class. :)

Anonymous said...

Would like to try the chemistry lab intensive.

karentrina said...

The Chem Lab intensive would be a great choice! To actually be entered in the drawing you will need a name and will need to click on the appropriate entry requirement in the Rafflecopter entry box.

Dana said...

This is Dana. I was trying to enter from my phone, but I guess it did not go through. I tried again from my computer so hopefully it worked this time. :)

karentrina said...

Congratulations! You are the winner. Please respond to the email I sent you so I can send you the discount code. Please reply by Thursday, April 9. If I don't hear from you by then I will choose a new winner since the code is time sensitive.

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