Saturday, August 10, 2013


Saying Yes to Saying No by Christy Baca opened my eyes to issues teenagers are faced with and the fact that they really do want parents to help them navigate their world.
This book is short enough for a busy parent, but thorough enough that you can refer to it later. I recommend every parent with children read this book. Sad to say, but in today's world, parents really need to read this book before their children hit middle school; early elementary is not too early. Parents do need to remember that they are the parent and teach their child to say 'no' when necessary and teach their child that saying 'yes' to saying 'no' really is ok! The author provides real life examples and practical steps to help you through the teenage years.

Christy developed an abstinence program for the local Pregnancy Care Center that she presents to schools and parents. She has done her research and has her finger on the pulse of what teenagers and children are exposed to in our world of modern technology.

If you are a homeschool parent and think the topics Christy addresses in this book do not apply to you, think again. Unless you live a sheltered life, like many homeschool opponents believe, your child could easily encounter opportunities, whether on purpose or accidentally, where they should say 'no'.

I highly recommend that you read this book.

I have a signed copy of Saying Yes to Saying No to give away to one of my lucky readers.  To be entered in the giveaway, share this post somewhere (facebook, pinterest, twitter, email, tumblr, etc), then leave a message in the comment section below (click on the number of comments to bring up the comment box.  If you are the first person to comment, it will say 'no comments'.  Click that.) and tell me where you shared.
You will need to use your name (not anonymous) to be entered in the drawing. A winner will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday, August 15.  

**While Christy is a personal friend, I did not receive any compensation for reviewing this book on my blog. Learn more about Christy at her blog,


Jenny said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I shared it on facebook. Nice job.

Jenny said...

Oh, yes. This is Jennifer Olin. :)

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