Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paper People Fun

Printable Paper Dolls/Animals

 When I was growing up, my sisters and I (and sometimes my brother) would cut 'paper dolls' out of the Sears catalog. We made families and cut out furniture and played with them for hours. Sometimes we were lucky enough to have store bought paper dolls.

When my children were young, I discovered the Making Friends website with paper 'friends' to print, color,and cut out. A huge selection of clothes, hair, and accessories can be printed for the friends, also.
A paper doll my daughter made recently.

The friends print two to a page. They can be printed on cardstock, paper, or magnetic sheets. I usually printed mine on white paper so the children could color them, but you could use colored paper, too.

Friends available are:

Regular friends
Friends with glasses
Friends with freckles
Friends in wheelchairs
Dog Friends
Cat Friends
Bunny Friends

Accessories available:

Hair outlines
Multi-cultural clothes (lots of different countries represented)

Even my boys loved this activity because they could color, cut, and create. My children would literally do this for hours! I would print the 'friends' and all the other pages and they would have a great time creating.

In my post,  What About Pre-School?, you saw several of my children engaged in this activity.
This is what a session of 'making friends' usually looked like:
The children would look at the website with me and choose the ‘friends’ they wanted to make.  They also chose the hair and clothes.  After they had selected several, I printed them.
I always printed outlines so they could color them. It doesn't matter if they color outside the lines since the items will be cut out.

The children would color their pages using crayons, colored pencils, or markers. If they were able, they would then cut out their 'friends' and the accessories. If they hadn't mastered scissor use, I would do the cutting or have an older sibling do it.

After everything was cut out, they would use a glue stick to apply the clothes, hair, shoes, etc to the 'friend'. Sometimes we would have enough paper friends around to make a village! My children would save their 'friends' and play with them, but they always wanted to make more.  They kept their collection of friends (finished and unfinished) in a zip top plastic bag.

My 15 year old made some just this summer. She still thinks they are fun!

Try this fun activity with your children and let me know how they like it.
I think they will love it!

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Mary Hill said...

Seems like a cool site. Will have to try with my granddaughter.

Mary-andering Creatively

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karentrina said...

She will love it.

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