Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Preparing for the New SAT

Now that the initial uproar about the new SAT has subsided, it is time to think about how to prepare your student for the new test   If your student will graduate in 2017 or beyond, they will be taking the new SAT, if they take the SAT.

As I mentioned last year, one option would be to take only the ACT test.

 But, if you want some excellent information on preparing for the test,
my friend Lauren Gaggioli at Higher Scores Test Prep is having a free workshop Webinar to help you determine what is the best route for your student.

Here is the information I received from Lauren in an email:

I know. I know! It's not even July yet, but the time has come to talk about the new SAT. 
This is incredibly important for all students who are in the Class of 2017 because, if they want to have choices, they have to choose their path now

Just to be clear, you may choose not to act until later. That's fine! But those who don't explore what's coming up in a few months may find themselves on a path they wouldn't have chosen to take if they had more information.

Not good.

So, to help families figure out what the best plan is for them, I'm hosting a free workshop with my dad, Bob Verbarg on Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday, July 2.

This is a workshop that is similar to one we've done before. We will be discussing ways you can leverage your test scores for cash in college.

The difference with this presentation is that we will be providing information that is custom-tailored to this year's juniors.

As always, we will open up for Q&A at the end of the session. I'm happy to stay on as long as needed to answer any questions you have about these changing tests and the strategies I'm recommending.

Register to join us at https://www.higherscorestestprep.com/workshop.

OH! One more thing...

Maybe you're not in the class of 2017, but you might know someone who is. Would you please...

I want every student to have the opportunity to choose their testing path, not be shoehorned into a schedule they wouldn't have otherwise chosen.

I know I can't reach everyone, but - with your help - we can get the word out to many families who need this information.

I know Lauren and her dad will give you excellent information and advice as well as answer any questions you may have.  Sign up today so you and your student will be prepared!

**This is not a paid recommendation, I truly believe Lauren has good information to help students.


9peasMom said...

Elijah is interested but the link does not show a local one? Please text me what he needs to do - he in very interested in your workshop!

karentrina said...

The workshops are online audio, or maybe call in conference call type. I participated in one like that. The 'places' shown are for showing the times in each time zone. Hope this helps.

karentrina said...

I just updated the information to include that this is a WEBINAR. Hope you can and/or Elijah can join it.

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