Sunday, July 5, 2015

Homeschool Curriculum Clearance Sale

homeschool sale

I suppose this could be called my 'going out of business' sale.  After 20+ years of homeschooling, I am graduating my last student.
So, it is time to clear my shelves! (or at least some of them)

I have lots of books in lots of subjects and grade levels.  Some of the books are older editions, but you can get a bargain if you don't need the newest version. 

 After all, let's be real, how much does a textbook change from version to version?

Prices listed include media rate shipping.  Paypal is the easiest way for you to pay me.  Email me if you want to buy something and I will let you know how to pay me.

If you have a question about a book, post it in the comments so everyone can see the question and the answer.

If a listing is crossed out, it is no longer available.  Listings are by grade level (mostly) within the subject category.   Most items are priced 1/2 of new, or less.

My Father's World High School Curriculum is listed as sets.  


writer's inc sale
$10 each ppd
  Write on Track, hardcover- $10ppd
Writers Express, hardcover- $10ppd

$12 each ppd
Writers INC, hardcover- $12 ppd
Write Source 2000, hardcover- $12 ppd

$12 ppd
Write for College, softcover- $12ppd

Critical Thinking Press Language Mechanic, Level A Book 1 (grade 4-6), softcover
    no writing, like new- $8ppd

Critical Thinking Press Editor in Chief B1 (grade 6-8), softcover
    no writing, like new - $7ppd

vocabulary from classical roots sale
Vocabulary from Classical Roots
Vocabulary from Classical Roots Sets- includes teacher book and student book.  I did not let my students write answers in the books.
Set B, grade 8 ( a couple doodles in the margin)- $10ppd
Set C, grade 9- $10 ppd
Set D, grade 10- $10 ppd
Set E, grade 11- $10 ppd


Abeka Books Matter & Motion Set, grade 7, softcover- $9 ppd

Critical Thinking Sciencewise, Book 3, grades 7-12, like new- $10ppd 

Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science Set, $32 ppd

Botany Coloring Book by Paul Young, looks brand new except one page has been colored (Plant Cell Structure), one page has highlighting, softcover - $10 ppd

 Apologia Advanced Biology Set- $40 ppd


Paso A Paso Spanish textbooks, 1 workbook (has answers in pencil), middle school age and up- $20 ppd

 Elementary Greek, year 2, textbook, audio cd, flashcards- $25 ppd


  State and Local Studies, BJU Press, softcover- $6 ppd

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide by Maggie Hogan & Cindy Wiggers, softcover, very good condition- $15ppd


The pictures show what I have.  Check to see any other books they recommend that may not be included in what I am selling.

 Ancient History Set

$90 ppd

Ancient History Set includes:  Daily Lesson Plans book, Ancient Lit Supplement, Exploring World History Quiz and Exam book and Answer Key, Unwrapping the Pharaohs (hardcover), Exploring World History Book 1 and              Book 2(shown in both photos), In Their Own Words, Eric Liddell, The New Answers in Genesis, Taking the Old Testament Challenge, Bullfinch's Greek & Roman Mythology (all softcover books)


World History Set
$150 ppd


A general homeschooling resource.  $8ppd

From Playpen to Podium by Jeff Myers, sofcover- $10 ppd

I hope you find something that you need for your school!  Please be sure to share with anyone who is still looking for curriculum.  Thanks!

If you have questions about any of the books listed, remember to ask in the comments section.



Janeen said...

I am interested in Artistic Pursuits book

karentrina said...

I sent you an email about payment.

Heather Rains said...

I would like to purchase the Alg and Geo Freds if available. I'm leaving for youth camp in the morning, will be back Monday..thank you!

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