Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dissection For The Squeamish

I didn’t like dissection in high school Biology.  I was literally in a corner in the back of the room while the rest of the students cut open a live, brain-dead frog to watch its heart beat.

I waited until the very last semester of college to take my required Biology course because I dreaded the thought of Biology lab and the required fetal pig dissection.

So, how was/am I supposed to teach Biology lab to my homeschooled high school students?

Oh, I have my ways.

My first six students took a dissection lab at our co-op enrichment classes from a mom who really enjoyed dissection and Biology.

Alas, when my seventh child needed Biology lab, co-op classes were not an option.  My second daughter, who loves dissection, agreed to do labs with my youngest daughter over Christmas break.  But, I procrastinated a bit and didn’t have specimens here when she came home for Christmas.  Besides, who wants to dissect things over Christmas break?

How was my daughter going to get in the required dissection labs?

I found my answer one day on Pinterest.  An online frog dissection.  

I started looking around and, behold, you can find all the dissections you need online.  Virtual labs.  They don’t smell bad and you don’t have to touch dead things.  What could be better?

(OK, reality check: real dissection would obviously be better for, say, a student who thinks they might want to become a doctor. If you don't have the option of real dissection, this is a reasonable substitute for most students. If your student might need biology courses in their potential college major, consider a biology lab at the local community college, a co-op class, or follow along with Labcast)

If you, or your student, feel squeamish about dissection, consider these virtual labs.  
You’re welcome.

This website has more free labs than you could ever want.

Labcast has a  variety of  dissections you can watch on youtube.  Your student can  just watch or  use it as instruction to do their own dissection.

What about you?  Do you love dissection or are you squeamish?

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