Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Dream Trip

My dream trip has always been to visit Ireland and Scotland.  That trip is finally becoming a reality.  When my son was in Belfast, that seemed like the perfect reason (excuse) to plan a trip to Ireland.  Even though he is not there now, the plans moved forward and we are going!  Me, my husband, oldest daughter and her husband will be leaving soon to visit Scotland and Ireland.  Our itinerary is so full, I'm not sure when we will sleep, but I guess there will be time for that later.

We have planned our own trip, including car rental and vacation house rentals.  Be prepared for photos and reviews when I return.

While I am gone, I have lined up some guest bloggers for you to enjoy.  I will only have one post per week while I am gone, but I think you will enjoy these lovely ladies and their stories.

What is your dream trip?

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