Friday, March 28, 2014

Family Favorites Friday: The Library

We love the library;  any library, any place.

My children grew up with a weekly trip to the library.  They spent many hours perusing the books and choosing some to check out and take home.  

It is a good thing our local public library did not have a limit on how many books we could check out!  With seven children choosing books, we easily carried home 70 or more books each week.

I always let the children choose their books (some were subject to mother approval), but I usually chose some books I wanted them to read, too.

Often, they chose favorite stories again and again, but were willing to try new books at my suggestion.

Take your children to the library.  If they are not avid readers, find books on topics that interest them.  This will help them become more interested in reading.

This is a library that is part of the University of Arkansas Library system that I saw in Little Rock.  Author names are engraved around the top of the building. 

 I wonder if a statement is being made with Dr. Seuss being listed between Shakespeare and Plato?

Do your children enjoy going to the library?

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