Saturday, January 18, 2014

STEM Activities List

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects and students proficient in the subjects are in great demand these days.

homeschool high school STEM activities

While I was writing my post about the NASA Aerospace Scholars, my 17 year old son asked me what I was doing.  I told him and a discussion about STEM activities ensued.  He mentioned that he never really explored those options very much, which sent me looking for what might be available for him now, since the opportunity for Aerospace Scholars has passed for him.

I found quite a few opportunities
that range from interactive competitions to activities that can be done at home.  I think these are all available to homeschool students, but be sure to check all the rules.  Some of the competitions provide enough information that a student could learn, but not actually compete.

Most of the competitions start at the beginning of the school year, which would give you plenty of time to research the details and put together a team (if needed).

Even though my son is very good at math and science, he has not explored computer science or engineering much.  He has been focused more on music and theater.  I think he needs the opportunity to explore the other subjects before he graduates next year.  He may discover a career path he had not considered before.

Whether your high school student likes the STEM subjects or hasn’t really given them much thought, check out the links below for some great ideas and activities.

U. S. Naval Academy- these activities take place at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Women in Engineering UT Austin Pinterest board- has some engineering activities and experiments.

A team challenge for innovation - looked very interesting.

Video Game creation challenge- may really interest students who enjoy video games. Even if students don’t enter the challenge there is a lot of help on creating a video game. provides a list of science competitions as well as science experiments.

Science Buddies: This lists quite a few science competitions, plus has a lot of project ideas as well as tips for teachers, parents, and students.  It looks like a very helpful website.

Dupont Science Essay Challenge - four different categories to research and write an essay.

MOOC List: A complete list of massive open online courses.  This is a list of free online courses offered by top universities.  Even though you don’t get college credit for them, you can give high school credit for them.

Expose your student to as many STEM activities as you can.  Don’t assume, as I did, that your student isn’t really interested.  Maybe you didn’t really expose them to opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this my boys were just asking about some of these

9peasMom said...

I'm keeping this post up because there is too much good information in here for me to close it and I don't have time to go to all those great links! I love this type of information, thank you Karen!

karentrina said... can always Pin it for later. Truthfully, I have not fully explored all these links. I did look at them enough to know they are a great resource, though.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I did just the opposite. When my son was young he used to tell me Math was his favorite subject and I recently found a note to me (he used to leave me notes all the time) where he discussed math in great detail even asking me if there was such a thing as a math major in college (he was about 4th grade at the time). I never encouraged him in math as I never really thought he was a great math student. He got the last laugh, he just graduated with a BS in electrical engineering. I guess passion for something will take you anywhere! We laugh about this now!

karentrina said...

Yes, passion and/or determination can really help with success. One of my children never really liked school, but is currently in her second year of a physician assistant program. She will be great at that. She just persevered through all the 'school' part!

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