Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Blog Focus

According to the handful of readers who took my mini end-of-year survey, most of you want more information about homeschooling high school.  That will be my focus this year, but I won’t forget the readers who want more tips on developing responsible teenagers, or those who like my recipes and travel tips.


85% - Homeschool High School
71% - Preparing for college
42% - Writing
28% - College
28% - Travel with a large family
28% - Other (chores and self-sufficiency)
14% - Teaching reading
14% - Cooking
Some of you may be wondering who I am to spout this information/advice to you.  In case you haven’t seen my About Me page, here is a recap:

I am a homeschooling mom of seven children.  I have graduated five of those children and they all were accepted to and attended college, many with generous scholarships.  Two of the five were National Merit Finalists, two were National Merit Commended Scholars.  I don’t credit their achievements to any superior teaching skills, but I am now very familiar with the process.

In my 20+ years of homeschooling, I have made mistakes.  Often mistakes make the best teachers and hopefully you can learn from mine and not repeat them.

I have two high school students at home, so I am right there with you in the trenches of homeschooling high school and navigating higher education.

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9peasMom said...

I do recommend you, all the time. My husband has also started reading your valuable posts, such great advice you give and I SEE the proof of your wisdom since I actually know you and have seen the results in your great kids! I'm so glad your doing this, since I will be homeschooling 2 high school kiddos next year -*squeal* you read that right!!!

9peasMom said...

You need a twitter account, and to start tweeting your posts as well. I just tweeted this one *smile*

karentrina said...

Kathy, you would have to teach me about Twitter. lol I am a bit technically challenged. Let's get together one day soon.

Courtney said...

I'll be watching for your homeschooling info! We're doing pre-k/K right now, but I'm sure some concepts will apply across the board.

Carol said...

Both of my kids are in the midst of their high school years (one sophomore, one junior). I only found your blog about a month ago but have already gleaned great info. Looking forward to more!

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