Saturday, January 25, 2014

Music: How to Get Leadership and Community Service Experience

This conversation took place at lunch about ten years ago:

“Hannah, Mrs. Johnson wants to know if you would teach piano to her daughter.”
“No”, Hannah replied.
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to.”
“I will!” 13 year old Andrew exclaimed.
“Hmmm, let’s ask your piano teacher if she thinks you could.”

At the time of this conversation, Hannah had been taking piano for at least ten years, but she had no inclination to teach younger students.  

Andrew, on the other hand, saw the opportunity to make some money and discovered that he enjoyed teaching.  Even though he was only 13, he had been taking piano for at least 6 years and his teacher encouraged him to take a student.

Before long, he had several piano students and also picked up a few guitar students.  All through high school he provided leadership to many students by teaching music.  Two of my other sons also taught instrument lessons.

Music Leadership
My son, Nathan with one of his students.

Music is an area that often leaves students scratching their heads on how to get leadership or community service opportunities to add to their resume or college application.  Students can find or create their own opportunities.  

Here are some ideas, based on what some of my children have done.

Participate in a community band, orchestra, or choir.  

Andrew played guitar with a local college concert band one semester. This involved attending practices and performances.  This was an unpaid position, so it qualifies as community service.
Caleb, another son, played drums in the church worship band which was also unpaid and required a time commitment.

Volunteer for Community Theater Musicals

Helping with or being cast in a role for musical theater is another community service opportunity.  One son put together a playlist of sound and music for a show.  He also played guitar for a show. Others of my children have been cast in singing roles for various shows.  Although these roles require an audition or approval, they are volunteer positions and can be counted as community service.

Your student can create their own leadership opportunities.
  My 17 year old has considered getting together a group of students to sing at various nursing homes and bring some joy to the residents.  He will need to contact the facilities, choose music, plan practice sessions, and be in charge of all the details or delegate them. 

 What can your student do with their musical talent?


9peasMom said...

I love that your daughter knew herself so well at such a young age, and that your son knew himself well enough to seize the opportunity. I think, as a mom, finding the balance between encouraging the leadership opportunities and understanding if the opportunity is a 'fit' or not can be tough. It helps when your kids have the confidence to 'know'.

karentrina said...

You are so right! I'm not sure I understood that at the time and may have tried to talk my daughter into the opportunity, but it truly wasn't her 'cup of tea'. Finding balance is a tricky thing, which is why I love reading your blog- you demonstrate balance so well.

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