Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Homeschool High School Round-Up

I get a variety of questions about homeschooling high school.  Many of the questions have been addressed in posts here.

Today, I want to present a one-stop place for you to find much of that information.

Whether you are just beginning with a freshman or almost finished with a senior, some, or all of this information could be useful to you.

Planning is always a good thing.  This detailed post shares how to plan the high school years.  

 Don't feel confident in your ability to teach a high school subject?  I covered that in How To Teach What You Don't Know

What electives are available for my high school student?  This post lists a variety of activities with links to detailed information.  This elective might interest your student, too.

My list of STEM Activities is a popular resource for electives or extra-curricular activities.

Standardized testing often causes anxiety for parents and students.  I have several posts to help ease that anxiety.  

Should my student take the ACT or the SAT?  
Is it necessary to take the PSAT?
What about preparing for the SAT?
I hear the SAT test is changing.  What should I do about that?

Essay writing is (or should be) a big part of high school and college. 

Here are my favorite writing resources.  Plus, even if your student doesn't plan to attend college, learning to writing a personal essay using the resources I mention here is a valuable skill.

How do I grade papers and keep track of everything?
I reveal my grading scale in this post and teach you how to make your own transcript here.

What about graduation? After all the hard work put in by you and your student, you will most likely want to celebrate.  Here are different ways to do that and how to plan.

**Update 10/13- I forgot information about one of the most asked questions: 
 What do I do about a transcript?  I have shared 5 Easy Steps for creating a transcript.

Do you have questions about homeschooling high school that I haven't addressed?  Leave a comment with your question and I will answer it.

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Angel said...

More invaluable information! Thank you for posting this, Karen. Your posts should really be on bookshelves at Barnes & Noble (hint :) ) You have done and are still doing an amazing job! I'm inspired.

karentrina said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Angel. I often wonder, "What do I have to say that hasn't already been said?". Your comment means a lot to me!

Unknown said...

Hey Karen,
I ran across this post on G+ and was hoping you'd consider regularly linking up to Finishing Strong: http://aspiredliving.net/2014/10/08/finishing-strong-homeschooling-middle-high-school-5/ The link up is on Thursdays.
Blessings, Kyle

9peasMom said...

Pinning, pinning, pinning - I wish you would just write a book, you are a wealth of information for those of us still learning to navigate all of us!

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