Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Landry Academy Mom's Retreat Review

Last week, my friend Nikki and I attended a Landry Academy Homeschool Mom Retreat in southern Missouri. We had registered for the retreat last spring because it sounded like such a good deal - $25 for an all-inclusive 2-night retreat.

We didn't really know what to expect as no schedule was available. Mr. Landry said this was by design to give the retreat a relaxed feel since so many homeschool moms live by a schedule. There was a schedule when we arrived but it mostly consisted of meals are at this time, sessions are at this time.

Homeschool moms
A roomful of moms, ready to be encouraged and to encourage
The retreat was held at the Eagle Rock Retreat Center. A little hard to find, but a lovely place consisting of 1500 acres with new-looking cabins. The staff was very pleasant and everything was clean and well maintained.  This would be a wonderful location for a family reunion, homeschool family retreat, couples retreat, ladies retreat, or just a getaway.

Eagle Rock Resort Center

The first night was a time of introductions. This retreat had four states represented with a variety of ages and stages. Mr. Landry spoke a little about what to expect for the weekend. We received a retreat T-shirt on arrival. Landry Academy made sure the conference room was stocked with chocolates and hot beverages.

The one full day of the retreat was devoted to science with a brief session on refreshing as a mom. We did four science experiments: blood typing, extracting DNA, determining genetic traits, and dissecting. Mr. Landry made it very interesting and provided all the lab supplies. Even people like me, who don't like dissection, found the lab to be interesting - but we didn't touch anything!

Landry Academy Science Labs
DNA Extraction, Blood Type Determination, and Cow Uterus Dissection

The black lungs did not have the same capacity for air as the healthy lungs and they could not hold the air.  As soon as air was pumped in, the lungs would start to deflate.  The healthy lungs were able to hold the air.  I didn't touch these, but those who did said the pink lungs were 'spongy' and the black lungs were 'hard'.
 The second morning was devoted to encouraging us as moms by a homeschool mom and Landry Academy teacher.  She reminded us that we should be renewing ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Landry Academy offers online classes as well as onsite 2-day lab intensives. Some of the labs we did are part of the 2-day Biology intensive. There are discounts for early registration which make the classes affordable.  Currently, you can register for 2014-2015 generic classes at a discount. This allows you to pay for class now and choose the specific class once sign ups begin.  

If you have the opportunity to attend a Landry Academy Mom's Retreat I encourage you to do so. You will meet other homeschool moms, you will have time to relax, and you will find some encouragement. You can't beat the price! Greg Landry was a homeschool dad (his girls have graduated) and this is his ministry to homeschool moms who are often stressed and rarely get down time.

Check the website for a retreat near you and sign up.

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9peasMom said...

I love the photo of you and Nikki - looks like a great retreat!

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